Water damage to Mackey, athletic facilities becomes evident



WEST LAFAYETTE, Ind. -- The Belin Volleyball Court was severely damaged by flooding caused by a water main break in May of 2016.

This article originally was published in the Purdue Exponent on May 26, 2016.

WEST LAFAYETTE, Ind. -   It’s a good time to be in the basket-weave flooring business. Both the Belin Volleyball Court in Holloway Gymnasium and Keady Court in Mackey Arena are to be replaced following extensive water damage after a water main burst.

The incident happened around 5 a.m. on Monday when a water main that was recently laid for the new Football Performance Complex burst, leading to flooding across the Drew and Brittany Brees Academic Performance Center, the Holloway Gymnasium and Mackey Arena.

Holloway Gymnasium was the hardest hit. Three to five inches of water covered the volleyball court, causing the wood to warp to form an approximately three foot-tall hump across the center of the of the gymnasium.

Meanwhile, the football locker room in the Brees center is still soggy three days later. The entire first floor was flooded by five inches. While the water is gone, it left behind a sticky muck that tarnishes the tile flooring.

According to Senior Associate Athletics Director Tom Schott, the Athletics Department is still working on establishing a timeline for the emergency repairs but the department is hopeful to have the courts replaced by August 1, just in time for volleyball season.

Schott said the repair bill will be covered by insurance and there will be no cost to Purdue Athletics or the university.

This isn’t the first time Purdue Athletics has had to replace the floorboards of Keady court due to water damages. In May of 2011, back-to-back storms damaged the court during a renovation project to Mackey Arena. The court was fully replaced before a re-dedication ceremony on November of that year.

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